Tips for Saving Money at the Gas Pump

February 15th, 2017 by

Are trips to the gas station hurting your monthly budget? With ever fluctuating gas prices at the pump, it might be time to try some of these money saving tips. From fuel, efficient cars, to keeping your older car well maintained and even smart apps that locate the cheapest price, these simple tips are easy to fit into your everyday life.

There are numerous smartphone apps that can help you save. GasBuddy can locate the nearest gas stations and allows you to sort by price making it easy to find the cheapest one. You can search using your current location or by zip code or city. AAA TripTik is a trip planning app. In addition to locating the cheapest gas near you, it can provide you with the most fuel efficient route. Carticipate is an app used to find people to carpool with. You share your trip with family, friends and co-workers via the app or Facebook and based on shares, a carpool is setup. Waze is an app used to avoid traffic. Sitting in a traffic jam is a waste of gas and time and this app helps you avoid this.

Reward Programs
Many gas stations and grocery stores offer gas reward programs and cards. Most programs are free to join. Discounts are typically in the form of cents off at the pump, some as much as $1 off a gallon. Swipe your card or input your phone number at the pump to accumulate your points. At participating grocery stores, discounts are accumulated with each grocery store purchase and tracked via your reward card or phone number. In addition to rewards programs, some gas stations offer discounts on certain days. Check your local gas stations for any discounts they offer and plan your fill up accordingly like on that Thrifty Thursday that includes a 10 cent per gallon discount.

Fuel Efficient Cars
If you’re in the market for a new car, consider a fuel efficient or hybrid model. With many non-hybrid models offering 30 plus mpg, you don’t have to go the electric car route to get good fuel efficiency. But if hybrid is what you’re looking for, you’ll reap the benefit of EPA estimates near 50 mpg.

Proper Maintenance
If a new fuel efficient car isn’t in your near future, keeping your current vehicle well maintained can improve your gas mileage. Keep all routine maintenance up to date, regularly clean your air filters which can improve your gas mileage, and make sure your tires are inflated to the proper pressure. According to the Department of Energy, you can improve your fuel efficiency by 3.3% just by keeping your tires inflated properly.

Cash or Credit
Beware that many gas stations post prices that are for a cash transaction. To offset the credit card fees, some gas stations charge a premium for credit card use. This can cost you an additional .05 cents a gallon. If you don’t want to pay with cash, check your local gas stations and see which ones offer same price for cash or credit.

Drive Smart
There are things you can do as a driver to help with your fuel efficiency as well. Watch your speed. Although it varies by car, gas mileage decreases at speeds above 50 mph. According to a study done by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, for every 5 mph above 50 is like paying an additional .16 cents per gallon. Not only is aggressive driving dangerous but it can waste gas as well, by as much as 33% according to Aggressive driving includes speeding, rapid acceleration and braking and can cost you greatly at the pump. Lastly, plan your outings so you combine errands and route your trip to reduce the number of miles traveled. This in turn will save gas, money and time.

You may not think these tips will save you much but over the long run, these savings can really add up. Do you need a service center to make sure your car is in the most efficient running condition or are you in the market for a more fuel efficient model, see what we have to offer at