Safety Tips for Your Holiday Shopping

November 30th, 2016 by

Holiday-Safety-MainIt’s that time of year; you’re making your list and checking it twice! Holiday shopping can be fun and exciting, making it easy to forget about shopping safety precautions. Follow these safety tips to ensure you are prepared and don’t become an easy target for thieves.

Secure your purchases
Out of sight, out of mind. If your vehicle has a trunk, this is the safest place to put your shopping bags and gifts. Items left in plain sight are more likely to be stolen than those stored away. If your vehicle has an exposed cargo area instead of a trunk, use a cargo cover to hide your belongings. If you don’t have a cargo cover, consider purchasing one from the dealership. Smaller purchases may fit in a glovebox, center console, other storage compartment or under the seats. If it’s not too far away, big ticket items should be dropped off at your house and not left in the car. This minor inconvenience is worth the peace of mind.

Coming and going
When coming and going to your car, use your car key remote that most cars now come with. Only unlock the driver side door and not all doors. This is especially important when alone. This will prevent someone from jumping into your car on the passenger side. If you valet your car, use your valet key. This will ward off access to your trunk or other locked storage compartment. When choosing a parking spot, consider parking farther away from the store’s entrance. Not only does this give you the added benefit of some extra exercise but it also minimizes the chance that your car will get dinged. Make sure you are in a well-lit area if shopping at night and always be aware of your surroundings.

Holiday-Safety-Parking-LotParking lot safety
The mall parking lots are a nightmare during the holidays. There are numerous things you can do to prevent a fender bender in the hectic parking lot. Back into your parking space so you can easily pull forward instead of backing out. Make sure the lot isn’t too crowded and that you have room to back in. This will make for a safer and easier exit. Many newer cars come with backup cameras, always use your backup camera and mirrors when parking and pay special attention to blind spots. More Modern technology such as rear cross-traffic alert comes in handy as well but neither the alert system or the backup camera should be used as a substitute for your mirrors.

Limit distracted driving
Don’t be preoccupied with your phone or another mobile device while driving. Stay focused at all times. If you must use your phone, take advantage of Bluetooth and make sure your phone is synced. Voice recognition and text-to-speech are convenient and safe features to have in your car. If you don’t have Bluetooth, put your phone away and wait until you are safely pulled over. There are aftermarket options that can enable you to use Bluetooth on cars that don’t come equipped with it.

Travel in numbers
As the saying goes, the more, the merrier. It is safer to travel in numbers versus being alone especially at night. Grab a friend or family member, not only does it give you a second set of eyes but it adds to the holiday fun.

So much to look forward to this holiday season. We hope these simple tips help keep you safe while shopping and spending time with family and friends. From all of us at Tischer Auto, we wish you have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

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