How to Avoid Rust this Winter

January 11th, 2017 by


Winter can wreak havoc on your car – icy roads, cold temperatures, potholes – but have you ever thought about the damage salt does to your car? Salt is a must for safe driving conditions during the winter, but it can cause damage to your vehicle. Read on to learn more about road salt and how to prevent any further damage to your car.

Now that winter is in full force; road crews are working hard to keep drivers safe on the snowy and icy roads. This includes the use of salt. Road salt lowers the freezing point, so ice turns back into the water. While it is a necessity during winter driving conditions, salt can cause corrosion and rust to the body and undercarriage of your car. As salt sits on your car, it can slowly corrode your exhaust, braking and muffler systems, the frame of your car and your coil springs.

There are a few things you can do to help prevent damage during the winter months. As a preventative, consider waxing your car and pretreating the undercarriage. Although the undercarriage is the highest point of risk, you can lessen any body damage with a good coat of wax before the harsh winter weather hits. An undercarriage treatment is a preventative service available at dealerships and auto shops. An oil solution is sprayed on to coat the exposed parts under your car. The solution prevents salt from sticking to your vehicle.


You can also be proactive in the way you drive. Avoid driving behind salt crews. If you drive behind a salt truck, chances are you are driving through a fresh coating of salt. Additionally, avoid puddles and pot holes which hold more salt. Avoiding the salt crews, puddles, and potholes will result in less salt build-up on your vehicle.

Lastly, wash your vehicle. Since corrosion happens over time as salt sits on your car, a simple thing you can do on your own is to remove the salt as soon as possible. A drive through a car wash is best as it thoroughly cleans your undercarriage along with the rest of your vehicle. But if you choose to wash it on your own, don’t forget to rinse off underneath really well.

Your vehicle is a big investment, do your part to protect your investment and keep your car in tip-top shape. These simple recommendations can add years to your vehicle’s life. Happy Winter!