Cargo Nets

April 5th, 2017 by

Keep your groceries, luggage, and other cargo organized and safely in place with a cargo net. Also known as a car luggage net, a cargo net secures your items so they don’t slide around causing disarray like broken items, interior damage and noise in the rear of the vehicle. In addition, they make loading and unloading more convenient. With different types of cargo nets on the market, there is sure to be one to fit your needs.

Most cargo nets are made from an elastic bungee-like cord in a grid pattern that stretches to fit your cargo. The type of cargo you typically transport will determine what type of cargo net you will get the most benefit from. If your cargo consists of groceries, shopping bags, or small sports equipment most of the time, a pocket storage cargo net will be the best choice. The divided pockets are the perfect way to keep your items organized and secure. Pocket nets that attach to side walls and seats are a great way to store smaller objects and allow more room for other items in your cargo area. Do you haul larger items like coolers, luggage, and larger sized sports equipment and toys? A hammock cargo net extends the width of your vehicle and has no dividers. It secures your entire load in one single compartment. For large cargo areas and oversized, heavy objects, a cargo net with an adjustable cargo bar is the ideal choice. The adjustable bar locks your larger items in place and the attached cargo net provides additional storage space.

For the perfect size, measure the width and length of your cargo space. Although many are easy to adjust, you will want to purchase a cargo net that is as close to your measurements as possible. For easy installation, many vehicles have built-in mounting hooks in the cargo area that the cargo net corner loops can be attached to. If your vehicle doesn’t have existing hooks, there are other options available. Adhesive anchor knobs or hooks are the easiest to install but sheet metal screws and hooks or knobs are a sturdier option that will hold up longer.

Get yours today and travel hassle free. Once you start using a cargo net, you won’t know how you ever went without one!